Safety Award Announcement
March 2006

Danny Filer and Frank Morris have both received a cash safety award.  For several months Danny noticed a potential problem while watching McLean employees accessing barges from the deck of the whirley “Consort”.  In getting from the whirley deck to the barge employees either climbed the sides of the barge or used extension ladders.  Danny realized that climbing the barges was unsafe and violated OSHA policies.  The extension ladders were often damaged due to being tied off to the barge at the top while the barge and whirley moved independently of each other.   To combat these problems, Danny devised a plan to fix a ladder to the deck of the whirley which could be used to safely and legally access a barge from the deck of the whirley.  A metal ladder would be pinned to a pad eye which would be permanently attached to the deck of the whirley.  Because the ladder was fixed at the bottom and not the top, the ladder would slide on the barge preventing it from being damaged.  In addition, the ladder was designed so that when not in use it could be fixed vertically, allowing the barge and whirley to be separated.   Danny passed the idea to Frank who at the time was an oiler on the “Consort”.  With knowledge of Danny’s plan, Frank took it upon himself to collect the necessary materials and assemble the ladder setup on the “Consort”.  Since the origination of this plan, a modified version of Danny & Frank’s ladder has been put to use on several of McLean’s whirleys.  By implementing a creative solution to a potentially dangerous situation, Danny & Frank demonstrated to McLean a safe method of performing an every day task.  In addition to the safety aspects of their actions, Danny & Frank also introduced a solution to the costly problem of constantly replacing damaged extension ladders.