New Major Equipment Additions
October 2014

McLean Contracting Company has added another barge-mounted crane to our already impressive fleet. At the end of 2013, McLean commissioned our latest heavy capacity floating crane. “The Baltimore” is a sister rig to the our floating crane “The Centennial” and is 360 degree load rated for 150 tons at 60 feet and 250 tons over the stern as a derrick. The addition of this new floating crane adds a fourth heavy lift class floating crane to our marine fleet.

McLean just recently completed the renovation of our barge mounted derrick crane, “The Jamestown”. This crane is rated as a 200 ton derrick in its base configuration that is expandable up to 350 tons. It is capable of handling its maximum rated load at a load radius of 75 feet. This derrick’s home port is McLean’s Baltimore regional facility located off Curtis Creek just inside the Baltimore Harbor of the Patapsco River, but it travels between the Ports of Hampton Roads and Baltimore as required. The Jamestown performs specialty lifts for all the major ports, US Coast Guard, US Navy as well as other private clients.